A false start

Can you see Ian standing around awaiting developments?

Well, what a disastrous start to ‘The Big Adventure’! The Air Ivoire flight was cancelled without them giving any reason—in fact, their representative took forever to get to the airport to tell us what was going on. Then, to cap it all, he didn’t seem to have a clue either! First he gave everyone a piece […]

Mali fast facts


Population: 12.7 million (UN, 2008) Religions: Muslim 90% (mostly Sunni), Indigenous 9%, Christian 1% Languages: French (official), Bambara (80%), Berber, Arabic Life expectancy: 47 Literacy: 31 Main exports: cotton (50% – largest producer in Africa), gold, livestock Independence: 22 Sept 1960 (from France) Seasons: hot (Oct to Feb); very hot (Apr to June); wet (July […]

Proposed itinery for Mali trip


  Sun 25 Oct  Fly to Bamako via Abijan (Ivory Coast/Cote d’Ivoire) – arrive 13.35. Spend night in company guest house or at the Royal Hotel. Mon 26 Oct  5am-6am departure for Bandiagara via Djenne. Spend night in Bandiagara. Tues 27 Oct  6am departure for Banani, Ireli, Amani, Tireli and Sangha. Overnight in Bandiagara again. Wed […]